Welcome to Digital Visual Literacy!

Digital D Visual V Literacy* L


⬆︎ a mindset that enables people to accomplish more faster
❖ a proven set of best practices for solving complex problems
❗️ the blended power of digital tech
+ vision + language

* So useful and obvious, we created a unique course to demonstrate it!

Tapping a natural under-used capacity

By intentionally combining three huge assets we already have, we get to use abilities most of us have never fully developed.

The text and/or visual images we work with on our digital devices

Anything we see with our eyes…or can imagine. . . or visually represent in some way

The knowledge, skill, & practice used to think and communicate in any language or system

…to unlock human potential

get inspired

Our eight key topics areas, divided into 17 short video clips, will accelerate your progress no matter what level of DVL proficiency you may already enjoy. In total, Visual Supercharge segments will take about 4.5 hours end-to-end.

cultivate a practice

By harnessing the power of digital devices, software, skills, tools, and mindset, DVL enables us to accomplish more by leveraging our natural ability to visualize — which often occurs automatically and by habit. To maximize this ability, DVL challenges us to make our visualization more intentional and useful.

enjoy the benefits

The treasure at the center of our diagram represents the benefits of harnessing the power of DVL in your work flow. Whether using a computer, smart phone or tablet, DVL enables greater accomplishment with less effort.

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