One-way sharing

How to leverage visualization as a skill in effective presentation and storytelling to create greater engagement and buy-in. 

DVL = Digital Visual Literacy
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Options for visual representation are limitless. 

Storytelling is the process of visualizing, imbued with meaning and emotion, and there’s very little we can’t visualize in some way.
This video captures the first minute of a much longer segment exploring one-way sharing, which we often think of a presentation or storytelling — a common workplace interaction during which we can easily lose peoples’ attention or hold it.

Story telling is the process of creating emotional engagement through pictures and/or words that trigger particular feelings, associations and mental images for people.

Stories define our lives 

Stories are often journeys with contexts, beginnings, rough spots, surprises, and endings. 

Creating shared context 

Digital visual tools enable us to share the scope and details of a background story faster and more inclusively.

Making the invisible parts of reality visible 

Visualizing the obstacles we face, gives us the clarity to approach and slay the monsters of our invisible reality today.  

Formulating stories with greater accuracy

The more accuracy we can add to our stories, the more credible and believable they are.

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And develop the practice to harvest the fruit of Digital Visual Literacy