The how

 An over-the-shoulder view of how digital whiteboards can harness the universal power of storytelling and context-setting.

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Key Ideas

Capacity to visualize

Using our natural capability plus diverse, supercharged tech-based tools, DVL enhances our capacity to visualize almost anything, and it’s limited only by our imaginations, our planning and our preparation. 

Back in time

Using the video recording tool inside Explain Everything software, we go back and review a recording we made of a video of the long conversation we had, in which we evolved our DVL tree model. 

What eyes can’t see

Given our reality is constantly changing, accelerating, exceedingly complex (especially in a tech-driven workplace) and is often concerned with parts of reality that we can’t actually see with our own eyes, the ability to visualize and clarify is more critical than ever. 

Thinking is seeing

The more fluent (practiced) in DVL we become, the more we realize that visualization is a huge part of our thinking, so without effective visualization, our communication and problem solving is inefficient and prone to error.  


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