Why DVL*?

We see Digital Visual Literacy as an evolving hybrid form of literacy — a mindset and blend of digital and natural human capacities that can help us better solve our most complex human and technological challenges.  

*DVL = Digital Visual Literacy
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Animated overview

Bart and David comment on a 90-second fast-motion animated visual overview of DVL’s origins and benefits, from a previous conversation in which our tree model emerged. The original real-time conversation about the tree model follows. 

A fast motion look-ahead at this segment’s contents, which we recorded in a single earlier conversation. This conversation features a kind of origin story of DVL and an explanation of how the tree model evolved and grew as our analogy of the entire practice of DVL — from its roots to its fruit. In the upper right corner you can see the results of working simultaneously on the same canvas with only a little planning.

Five roots

Seeing that the practice of DVL— thus our Visual Supercharge course — grows from deep roots, conveying “The Why” of DVL gave rise to a tree model. In this clip we discuss:

  • The primacy of our sense of vision
  • Shifting from content to context
  • Combination of literacy skills
  • Leveraging technology
  • Capacity for collective action

Here’s how we formed the roots of our tree model

Six rewards

We saw the crown of our tree as producing DVL’s harvest, linking an immediate benefit to the six basic situations we cover in the course, then centering those benefits and situations around the “core” of clarity and connection.

Demonstration of Flexible Focus

With the ability to instantly zoom in and out of our canvas, we demonstrate the power to focus or step back, in effect multiplying our capacity to visualize, compare, expand, etc.


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and develop the practice to harvest the fruit of DIigital Visual Literacy