13. Our First Testimonial: A DVL Adoption Story

I’ve now facilitated two one hour in-person learning sessions on DVL to four people who participate regularly in a local business networking group. Two days after our last learning session, I received the following testimonial from an older participant, who’s been in the advertising specialties business for many years. While he’s not an early adopter of digital technology, he manages it adequately and got turned on about what the practice of DVL might be able to do for him.

“Prior to attending the two (‘Roundtable’) learning sessions that Tom and David delivered about DVL (Digital Visual Literacy), I never thought of myself as a storyteller — just a salesperson. That changed in session one.

Following David’s instructions just after our last session on Tuesday, I used the Explain Everything digital whiteboard platform in a sales Zoom call, and interactively, was able to show my client, what their logo would look like on some of the Plush Animals I sell.  Being able to clearly paint a picture that told my client’s story better landed me a 3,000-piece, $12,000 order for an Indian Casino in IL.

So far, I’ve only watched only the introductory section of David’s course on DVL. But even watching his 25-minute introduction helped me see how much more I can WOW! my clients utilizing digital and visual tools to help them tell their stories. These tools will help me prepare for any meeting or sales presentation more fully.

Digital visualization rocks, folks!  Come join us at the next session and discover how to apply it to your own situations! 

 This is the kind of adoption we’re seeking to support everywhere with DVL: applying a set of well-proven tools and skills to the countless communication and problem-solving challenges we face every day.

Give us a call and find out how relatively easy it is to begin or accelerate your own digital visual literacy.