Accomplish More

leverage Your DVL (Digital Visual Literacy)


  • a blend of digital, visual & verbal best practices
  • a proven approach to boosting engagement  
  • skills & tools that increase clarity, connection & productivity

WHO is it for?

  • influencers, communicators, problem solvers, leaders

WHEN do benefits begin?

  • In a matter of hours, if not minutes, you can significantly improve your effectivemess.
  • What situation will you apply DVL to first?

 WHY learn it?

           To collaborate & influence more effectively using visual thinking

WHAT you get

A 4-hour online video course
that will expand your possibilities

Get on the same page faster!
Create and share the page.



  • creation, movement,
  • focus, arrangement;
  • highlighting, selection
  • blending & combining
  • clarifying, detailing
  • and many more!


  • extensive digital whiteboard software choices: Miro, Mural, MS Whiteboard, Jamboard, Explain Everything, etc.
  • unlimited online visual resources
  • can be used with virtually any
    online platform, like: Zoom, MS Teams, Blue jeans, Explain Everything, etc.


  • creativity & flexibility
  • openness & discovery
  • drive for greater clarity
    and connection
  • willingness to risk
  • desire to learn


  • any type & size of meeting 
  • all forms of collaboration
  • presentations & storytelling
  • complex problem solving
  • negotiation / conflict resolution


  • Increased meeting productivity

  • accelerated focus & alignment
  • more vivid & memorable communication
  • complexity continually clarified 
  • fluid feedback ensuring greater psychological safety

Transform your ability to increase signal & decrease noise.

“I used the ‘Explain Everything’ digital whiteboard platform interactively in a Zoom sales call and showed my client what their logo would look like on the imprinted products I sell. Being able to clearly paint a picture that told my client’s story better landed me a 3,000-piece, $12,000 order…”

— Dave Glassman, The David Erwin Group

What are these
two guys up to?

Watch and be inspired by what they share. . . It’s for you!

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Tapping (under-used) Abilities

By intentionally combining three huge assets we already have, we get to use abilities most of us have never fully developed.

The text and/or visual images we work with on our digital devices.
Anything we see with our eyes…or can imagine… or visually represent in some way.
The knowledge, skill, & practice used to think and communicate in any language or system.

... Enables Us to Accomplish More

No matter what level of DVL proficiency you already enjoy, the techniques and perspectives we share will help accelerate your accomplishment. Exploring eight key functional activities in business, our 19 Visual Supercharge segments will take about 4.5 hours end-to-end.

By harnessing the power of digital devices, software, skills, tools, and mindset, DVL enables us to accomplish more by leveraging our natural ability to visualize — which often occurs automatically and by habit. To maximize this ability, DVL challenges us to make our visualization more intentional and useful.

The treasure at the center of our diagram represents the benefits of harnessing the power of DVL in your work flow. Whether using a computer, smart phone or tablet, DVL enables greater accomplishment with less effort.

discover this best practice for remote work

free and unrestricted collaboration on the same shared digital canvas

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Using their tablets for 2-way synchronous interaction across nine time zones, a meeting leader and remote guest (on-screen) share an unlimited digital canvas.

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