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Our Mission

DVL provides a quick and fluid practice of visual empowerment — thus greater accomplishment — for individuals, teams and organizations. Through real-time interactive creation and sharing, DVL delivers improved clarity and connection, so you’ll get and stay on a more relevant and authentic shared digital page (workspace, canvas, whiteboard, etc.) faster.

DVL combines the three kinds of literacy, operating universally in 21st century workplaces: digital literacy – the use of Internet connected devices, visual literacy – our use of vision and visualization and imagination; verbal literacy – the use of words. Most of us are continually learning to increase our productivity through software and devices. Given we basically take speaking, reading and writing for granted, we rarely think about improving our verbal. Meanwhile, our visual literacy – how we use our sense of vision to get along in life, is almost entirely automatic, and is thus rarely examined as a process we might improve.

By employing a set of simple tools, skills and mindset, DVL challenges us to consciously blend these three foundational forms of literacy into a fourth, highly intentional and potentially synergistic (hybrid) form of literacy. Many of the common limitations and frustrations that come with a near over-reliance on words without visuals can be minimized, if not transformed. DVL can be harnessed for huge leverage as it optimizes our visual literacy through a mindset already geared to verbal and digital thinking.

We urge you to begin using DVL immediately to improve any kind of meeting, collaboration, or problem-solving. You can begin seeing the benefits of the practice today as they result from meeting your needs, learning styles and demands. Ultimately, our adoption of DVL depends on how we embrace its core principles and allow ourselves to experiment, take risks, discover, stretch, share and enjoy what emerges.